Public Speaker since 1975  /  Published Author since 1987 


I've written on a number of topics, but most often on End of Life, Spiritual Direction, and Culinary practice.

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End Of Life 

Spiritual Direction


These pieces were originally written to be training for hospice patients/families and staff as it was difficult to find good information to help people understand the process at end-of-life that was concise and direct.  Elisabeth Kubler-Ross reviewed many of these pieces with me prior to her death.
The spiritual direction and formation pieces were originally written to support folks at end-of-life, but have a broader range of meaning and implication for all of us at all places on lifes' journey.  Many people have used them as the basis of professional direction and formation with clients.
The FOODIE pieces were written during my tenor as the chef of the kitchens at a Pocono Retreathouse.  The feature ran for a year.  They have been used by many a retreathouse chef and camp cook.
 The 3 Paths to Spiritual Comfort
Mind Mapping in Spiritual Direction
​and Formation
Listening Posts
The Nature of Comfort the Institutionalized Elderly
Lectio Divinia in Spiritual Direciton
​ and Formation
Seamless Hospitality
Bridges ,Paths, and Waters
Journaling in Spiritual Direation
​and Formation
Creative Waste Reduction
Crafting End of Life Care
Dreamwork in Spiritual Direation
​and Formation
Forecasting in the Kitchen
Out of the Depths
All and All and All
​Set Free
For Such a Time as This
Annoit My Head with Oil
Driving the Industry
A Hand Before the Eyes Can Obscure A Mountain
Dietary Needs
On the Journey
Letting Go
Never Wait
The Privacy of Pain
Before the Browning of the Leaves
In the Desert Far from God
Strate - A Poem
Escarpment - A Poem
Alluvial Fans -  A Poems
Simply Be: Tips for Caregiving during the Frozen Periods
The Silent Space
Secret Passions
In the Same Place: Poetry Groups in Facilities
Mind Mapping in Spiritual Direction and Formation
Lectio Divinia in Spiritual Direction and Formation
Journaling in Spiritual Direction and Formation
Good Grief It's the Holidays
Giving Voice
Bittersweet Wonder
A Loon Cries
Learning to Translate the Cryptic Language of Dying
Toward the Present 
How Can This Hold Anything:
​the importance of poetry and 'place'
Green Burials and Ancestral Roots
Coming Back Home
Facing Changes in Prayer