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Farside Banks of Jordan

Our daily fare in this food blog is not only ideas, impressions, and techniques but the giving and taking of inspirational wisdom that feeds our deepest soulful appetites. Create and Consume something SUMPTUOUS every day!
This blog is set up so you can get your FREE Workbook for FEED MY SHEEP; LEAD MY SHEEP right here.  The book and workbook are designed for church leaders to use individually or in groups for leadership formation and development.
Poems of longing and attachment from this side of the JOURNEY, with an eye toward the Other-Side. All of the poems here were written by N. Thomas Johnson-Medland, CSJ, OSL. Feel free to use them as you wish, just credit the author and send me a copy.

Grassroot Climate Activists

Orthodox Action


A page designed to state some simple and clear-cut goals and outcomes checklists for those interested in being a GRASS-ROOT CLIMATE ACTIVIST. ​​
A blog devoted to the call of social action engendered in the life of Mother Maria of Paris (Skobtsova). Mother smuggled children out of the Nazi ghettos in trashcans. Once outside the walls, the trash-men set the children free. She also forged baptismal certificates for persecuted Jews - helping them to escape Germany. She was killed in Ravensbruck Camp for her deeds of kindness. ​​
Dreamwork and Journaling are vital in the integration of dis-ease and wholeness. Shifts in the body appear in our Dreamwork + Journaling in ways that inform our growth and development. Tap into the pre-conscious self and listen to what is being said - behind the scenes - in your own life.    

Along the Road

The Lion and the Lamb Journal

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An ART-FULL Journal seeking the
A digital cooperative of many artists coming together over relevant issues quarterly.