Public Speaker since 1975  /  Published Author since 1987 


My writing has always been about a handful of topics: nature, spirituality, end-of-life, food, outdoor living, books, and art - expression.  I have worked toward these topics with an eye and an ear toward community - the reality that we do these things in proximity to one another and the we can be more whole because of that.  I like to CREATE VALUE in people's lives via the words I use; and so, consider myself "an author-preneur with something to say that you'll love to read."
Whether it is an essay, a book, a poem, a story I have striven to bring together classic forms and new ways of expressing those classic forms by introducing a sort of smashing together of ideas.  Using one thing to point to another in a fresh way that stimulates and simulates homeostastis and integration.  Being comfortable in our skin in our universe is the mission my words share with me the author and poet.